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Originally Posted by aerisolphaln View Post
Good data, but I think your initial assumption is off base.

The new M3 will NOT perfectly split the M and the M5. The M3 will be much closer to the M than the M5 unless BMW unveil a COMPLETELY different car than the Concept M3 we've seen so far.

I think to warrant a base price of 66K USD for an M3, BMW would have to have performance characteristics that are WAY out of range for their current line of cars. The 335i does 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and the M5/M6 does that run in 4.2. Who is rightly going to pay 66K base with NO options for an M car that does 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and goes around the Ring in over 8:10?

If BMW does release this car at 66K, meaning reasonably optioned at 74K MINIMUM, I think they will miss about 70-80% of the target audience for the M3. People will buy a 911 that may be a fraction slower but turns heads the way NO BMW can.
Agree about the 911. IMO I think, worst case, the base M3 coupe will come in at $60-62. Well optioned, your looking at $65-68. Having said that, don't forget the RS4, with options, is priced in the low $70's. This may be over priced for what you get, but none the less ...