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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
Yep, in the same way I am content to not tune a carburator, start the car with a manual choke, add oil ever 300 miles, or double clutch because the car doesn't have syncros.

Some things add to the experince, others are just a PITA.

I am involved with the changing of the grears, I just have a better interface to the device now
The interface may be better than the previous interface you are used to, however it is still an interface that is keeping you at least one step further removed from what is actually going on.

There may be a cultural difference between UK and US here, it appears that in the US an auto gearbox is far more acceptable, whereas in the UK auto's have been typically disregarded by enthusiasts due to power loss from torque converters and disconnecting the driver from the driving experience. Admittedly autos are improving and continue to narrow the gap between manual and auto.