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Originally Posted by MisterSkiMask View Post
My ego was able to deal with driving a cheap car for a day here and there, hell I enjoyed not worrying about my car after I parked it.
It's not about ego...I'm far more embarrassed to drive the X3 loaner my dealer gives me than an economy rental.

Originally Posted by mtla4 View Post
Same goes for Bmw around here they give you Enterprise rental cars. I had a civic, volvo c30 and mini cooper. The reason why I got the volvo and ,ini were because I didn't complain nor ask what they were giving me as BMW is paying 19.99 a day for a compact car rental. They told me that they had 3 series but they were for 7 series owners. Two years ago Silver star Mercedes was giving early 2000's Sebrings as loaner cars to customers.

Sorry for the getting OT but my rant was about some idiots saying it's a Nissan or complaining about the interior or service.
I do understand your point and maybe our dealers work diffently up here. Hopefully you're not getting billed at $125-135 per hour for service. If you are they can certainly afford to rent a slightly better car for say $50 per day and still come out way ahead.

To your bolded point, agreed.

There is not a better bang for the buck available. Don't give a shite about the badge on the hood. The interior is more than acceptable for a car like this. Service is the one debatable point...but that, for most, is offset by the lights out performance.