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Originally Posted by shiggy View Post
and what is yours?! always sound so definitive in your replies.
what other cars do you own other than your Legacy?...spending 4 or 5 hours in an M3 makes you a subject expert???
Still waiting for erm324 to justify his statements...

However, while I'm waiting, I do indeed qualify as a subject expert compared to yourself - unless of course you've spent several hours in various venues in a C63. In addition, I have more than a dozen years and a few thousand miles as a track junkie, the last several of which were spent instructing.

I am leagues away from scaring Alonso, Hamilton, et al (maybe Button? ), but have some idea which direction to circulate in while on track, and also have some idea how to drive rwd, fwd and awd cars in that venue.

Of course, I haven't been on track since late '08, I think, so now it's just talk on my part.


Some basics you don't forget.

E36 and E46 M3s have graced our garage, and of the two, I much preferred the E36 overall. The E46 was the superior car overall - except it was just less fun to drive due to size and weight. I also disliked the miserable exhaust noises that car made.

The current model is arguably an even better car than the E46, but it's even bigger and heavier, which bothers me to no end.

Understand, it's fine with me if you are madly in love with your M3, but I have history with the marque that gets in the way for me.

In my opinion, the Merc and the bimmer are, overall, very closely matched. The C63 is more fun overall on the street than the M3 for me in spite of its transmission, and although slower on track, I believe it'll be at least as much fun as the bimmer would in that venue.

To answer your other question, my bride drives a Pilot, and currently we are caretakers of my son's C63 while he is away.


PS - Every once in awhile, you post something with actual content here, but mostly you seem to be a hater of things that are not BMW, which in my book means it's hard to take you seriously.

Nice ass, though.