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Originally Posted by shiggy View Post
sure its a fun piece...It's Top Gear!....whats your point???!!
Um. That it was a fun piece? You actually required an explanation?

Originally Posted by shiggy View Post
but the bottom line is they took all three cars around the same track....same conditions and same driver and the M3 beat the C63 by 5 seconds....I may be stupid...but in the world of track racing, a 5 second beat is an asskicking!
Your point is made, at least in this particular venue. I was thinking more like a second a minute as a "typical" difference, but this is about one and two thirds seconds per minute. That sort of difference is definitely flirting with ass-kicking territory.

My "second a minute" opinion is derived from local track-day observations, but clearly your example is in a more definitive venue.