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Originally Posted by PhiDeltBeers View Post
Completely different ballgame as far as comparing the 2 cars. My BMW and I had a love/hate relationship. It was my favorite car up until now, but the problems with it really...well sucked. I really liked the plushness of the BMW. It's a solid car. I loved the stereo, nav, etc...

The GT-R makes a lot of weird noises starting with the tranny. You can hear it working. You can hear the whole car and it's parts working. It's actually kind of cool though. The performance is just stupid. I haven't complete felt it out yet though. I have to get a feeling for where the redline is as I haven't hit it yet. It's just an animal off the line and I love the sound.

I always felt I had something to prove in the BMW, like beating certain cars. It was such a sleeper. I have nothing to prove anymore.
wondering how reliable are those cars....I am looking for a "keeper" myself, something that I can drive trouble free for 100k miles or more. I am tired of switching cars......I dont know if I can afford a used GT-R though, was looking for used Cayman S recently..