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Look, guys, relax!!!!

I AM NOT CALLING ANYONE HERE A DORK. Can you please READ MY POSTS (apparently not...)?? I have only been critical of those folks who jump the bandwagon, get whatever is new and hot and are not really M enthusiasts. If you are an M enthusiast - the shoe does not fit so don´t bloody put it on!!!

Personally I would choose ZSG>SMG>MT, but of course this is my choice. I do find it hard to believe that a real driver/enthusiast/performance seeker would choose MT but certainly to each their own. If you like to row your gears - go ahead, I´m sure you will have fun. But the driver of exact equal skill to you will have soooo much fun passing you in nearly all circumstances with a more advanced transmission.

P.S. Thanks REP1KRR! Nice observation, couldn´t have said it better myself.