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Thanks for the info folks.
However, rather than wait for the 2009 new M3 delivery date and lack of pre-owened E46 M3s (low Kms, warrenty, etc.) I did buy a E46 M3 cab (importing a car from the US into Canada includes a huge customs fee). I guess I will find out about the extra weight and rigidity issues soon enough (hopefully it will still be an improvement on the 330 ci I used to drive). Mine has a hidden "roll bar" feature in the rear seat head rests so I've been given the ok for our BMW driving school in Ma (helmet is ordered). Hopefully I'll be ok with some other schools in the US. I appreciate your comments, and I don't doubt they are true, but the cab I have for now is more car than I am driver. At my age, waiting is a bit of a luxury. For now, I LOVE driving this car!!! Unlike other cars, I'm not gettings "used to it" I just enjoy it more and more (even in the snow). It now can appreciate, and without even having tried the hard top yet, what the M means in terms of driving experience.
Happy driving folks, and maybe I'll see you in the Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico area. (sans parka)