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Originally Posted by japears2 View Post
Hes addressing all the criticism he gets from everyone with this commercial yet this kind of response just brings about more criticism....just shut up and play basketball. Obviously not a superstar personality if he cant handle the flack.
Originally Posted by bigslick82 View Post
People aren't mad at Lebron for leaving the Cavs. People are mad that he called a one hour special to dump his team on national TV. If he would've released a statement saying it was awesome to play in Cleveland but I need a new challenge, that would've been much better. Instead, what he did was immature, selfish and pathetic. Then he goes out and says that people are upset at him because they're all racist. At that minute right there, I became a Kobe fan.

Lebron will never be better than Jordan.

Atheletes are a bunch of prima donnas these days, mostly because dumbass fans will do things like watch a stupid special like the one Lebron had. Now, they go through the trouble to make a commercial about how tortured he's been since the decision, and that it's some sort of big deal for him to "get over" the criticism that he created? I think the wrong player has the nickname "Big Baby".