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I'll be picking up a fully equipped e90 m3

I'm staying for about 4 weeks and driving through germany and poland visiting some family.
I know renting is an option but it's very expensive (more so for my e90 m3) and I'm just exploring options. For the rental I'd pay in europe I can have a new set of wheels and winter tires in the usa. If I have to rent, then I will but I'm just trying to make the most out of this as possible.

Here are some ideals I've come up with
1. bring a set with me as check in luggage - 4 of us will be flying out and I've got frequent flyer status so I can check in multiples. The wheels just fit the 50lb max and 62in total dimensions - W + L + H. (26in dia, 10in width). I've got a set of tire totes easily put handles on the wheels. yeah it's going to be a total pain, but it's a possibility

2. loan a set from someone in munich - who may have a spare set - of course I'll pay for it. Paying someone personally will definitely be cheaper

3. work with someone in munich who would be willing to go in together to pay for part of a set in germany and then afterwards, I'd just leave the set with them.

These are just some ideas - thats the whole point of a forum right? discuss and come up with ideas.

By the way the e90's need at least an 18in wheel. Even some 18's don't fit. What a pain.

What do you think? Any ideas?