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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
But I don't see any advantage over the mechanical M LSD on a RWD car! Is there any? I could imagine this solution would just add more weight to the car!?

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Everything is written in the press release:

The special highlight of this unique development by BMW is that for the first time this system is able to actively distribute drive forces in the overrun mode and with the clutch disengaged. As a result, Dynamic Performance Control is suited for both standard and all-wheel drive.

This effect is comparable to that of a limited-slip differential.

A big advantage of this system compared with other concepts is that the distribution of lateral forces is masterminded not only under load, but also in overrun or with the clutch disengaged. Wherever there is no need to re-distribute the drive forces, the two planetary gearsets in the axle housing will run as one unit, meaning that the gears remain disengaged, the axle drive system operating like a conventional differential. And with the multiple-plate brakes in the axle drive remaining open, any losses are limited to the friction generated by the additional bearings and seals.