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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Yes, 3 stacked PDX will fit using the CD Changer trim... from the metal floor to the top of the trim. I still have my OEM amp below my 2 stacked PDX and the OEM amp is slightly taller that the PDX.

I don't know if you can get a processor on top of the 3 stacked as well and the PDX wires and RCA cables will be very tight, though.
If this is the case, one idea might be to stack your three PDXs and then create some kind of bracket so that you could mount the processor vertically on the side of the stack of PDXs. The top of the processor would probably have to face the front of the car to make it fit. If you want easy access to the processor by the just popping the plastic cover on the CD changer trim, you could swap one PDX and the processor in that configuration. So imagine = is your stack of 3 PDXs or 2 PDXs and the processor and | is the vertically mounted processor or PDX. Your stack would look like =|
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