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Originally Posted by quality_sound View Post
So don't stack all 3. Do a double stack and the third next to the stack. I looked at the dimensions of the XD700/6 and with as much room as he had left over they should fit easily.
There is no way 3 original PDX amps will fit side-by-side in there. I checked.

I am considering just mounting the 3 stacked PDX amps on a stainless plate down low in that space and buying the taller CD-Changer trunk trim (PN: 51477122411) with the access door (PN: 51477139441) as seen in Technic's post

Technic, If I mount down lower to the bottom of that space, do you think 3 stacked PDXs will fit in there? From your photo in that post, it looks like I could even fit those 3 PDXs stacked along with the alpine processor (about an 1.5" thick) on top and still clear in there with the taller trunk trim in place. I'd still need to work out the ventilation, that's for sure, but I'm just wondering if it will clear. Sure wish I had a depth measurement of that space with the taller CD-changer trim in place so I truly know what kind of space I have to work with there.