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To be honest, its gonna sound like a dick move, but you should press charges. A first time DUI does not have as great of an effect as one might think. There are so many BS systems set up to "Help" these kinds of people its stupid.

Before anyone goes and tells me I am wrong, which hey I could be, my sister recently got a DUI. Did she have trouble, yes. Does she not have the ability to drive to work, take her kid to school, ect.......NO. She is free to drive to work, and any other place as long as it is necessary. I feel it is complete and utter BS, but this is how the system works.

If I would you I would def press charges. Not only did she hit you, She attempted to f***ing kill you. Oh, that sounds extreme? No not really, she tried to use her vehicle to "back over you". A person that shows that little regard deserves to be behind bars.

No doubt she is either some spoiled little rich b**ch or one of those self-entitled losers who milks the system to buy nice things (that looked like a merc). People work the system, and sadly it has been worked on so long, it now protects them. File charges, make her pay for what she did. No doubt her ignorant ass still won't learn, but who knows, even a dog learns every once in a while when he is punished.