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Originally Posted by ///mmmKevin View Post
HOLY SHIT!!!! That's effing nuts! Glad to see you're okay bro!
Thank you man

Originally Posted by kpneverdies View Post
just wondering, u couldn't followed her as soon as she took off?
i bet u'd caught up to her within 5 sec.
The car is very low with the RD Sport Front bumper and the coilovers on the lowest setting, I had to corner out of the lot, watch out for potholes! I did find her.

Originally Posted by Johnny Lin View Post
What a BITC*!!! Glad you are okay.
Thank you man

Originally Posted by Shmelgy View Post
Lmao u posted up the vid!!!! Haha I feel so bad. Loving the 10,000k, but wish it was as bright as the 8. Good luck alex
Happy to see your enjoying your HID AEs, 10K is blue!

Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
DUI will basically destroy her life for the next 3 years. Won't have a car, can't get to work on time, arrest record, insurance rate hike, embaressment...

Good thing you kept your cool.
My long time friend was always a crazy drunk, I would always babysit him when he was drunk, so I guess this was kind of a walk in the park for me...

Originally Posted by andrewlef View Post
Damn. That is some bullshit. I don't know if I could have stopped myself from punching her square in the face.
Yeah, if I get the 911 tape I'll show you guys, I was super calm.

Originally Posted by signes View Post
Speechless... Sounds like you showed a lot of self control. Hope the car gets fixed up soon.
Thank you man, already at the body shop.

Originally Posted by kaykay View Post
She deserves to go to jail, I'd press charges no question. If you have a driver's license you must obey the rules of the road, if you chose not, it's your decision and you should and will pay for your stupidity.

Hope she gets fucked by the long dick of the law
Well she is already getting a DUI, from the sounds of it, this was not her first, so I think she is in big trouble with the DUI alone, I wouldn't want her to spend time in jail on a battery charge, I'm more then double her size, her hits did not effect me, I did feel it the next day though, gave me a huge headache, nothing I couldn't get over.

Originally Posted by Stoutnj89 View Post
Why is someone filming the security camera screen???
The camera system did not have a DVD drive, nor USB ports, so I was forced to record the screen, I was very lucky the 7-11 manager was a very nice guy and let me get the footage.

Originally Posted by DD GT3 RD View Post
so sorry bro...hope it all works out
Thank you man!

Originally Posted by Day Laborer View Post
I'm sorry about what happen. I certainly hope that you press charges against her, regardless of how badly she will suffer from DUI.

1st time DUI isn't likely to have her serve any jail time. Its people who drink and drive like this who kill other people on the road.

Think about it, if that person has the audacity to "hit and run" and attempt to steal your car(attempted grand larceny). That person probably would drive away if she hit a pedestrian.

I would file civil charges as well. Make her really pay.
If she can afford a Merc, she can afford a decent lawyer that will probably get her off with a restricted license.

I would make it worth while to make her really learn her lesson.

Just my 2 cents.
I mean, I am hearing this from all my buddies, "SUE HER YOU'LL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY" blah blah, it is just not me, I do not feel right doing it, the girl was young, and I have made mistakes (nothing like this) and people have forgiven me.

Originally Posted by Night Hawk View Post
What a fucking bitch!
Tell me about it...

Originally Posted by sA x sKy View Post
Holy shit. Watching that video made me very angry and sad at the same time. I commend you for your self-control. If that was me, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from killing her.
Thank you
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