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Originally Posted by graider View Post
couple of reasons why i would take the m3 over the gtr or z06 and I know I would be very with this choice. proper rear seats, NA high revving experience, refinement in both look and interior, huge aftermarket/mod options, and huge fan base (I found this this as a huge plus as whenever I have issue or looking to improve my m3, there is always something available on the forum).

gtr and z06 will demolish the m3 in performance for sure, but I don't think i can use their full potential on the street. even the e46 m3 is too fast for me on the street and i found myself fighting hard inside to keep it at speed limit. however, I would buy a black c6 z06 as a second car down the road because it is good looking, huge power, fun as a second car. you know how hopeless the z06 is for our crazy winter.
I agree with you mostly again, but I wouldn't exactly call the M3 coupe rear seats "proper". Of course, the refinement and luxury is greater in the M3. The 8000 rpm redline is a huge factor for some and something that the M3 definitely offers that others don't.

I would disagree with you on the tuning options and fan base, especially with the Chev. The Corvette will have a much larger fan base due to it's relative accessibility. Both cars are capable of 600+ hp with very little effort or investment and both are also capable of well over 800+.

Any of these cars that we're discussing have too much power for the street in reality. To each his's just great that we have so many choices for true "fun" cars in this day and age.