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Originally Posted by Cdnrockies View Post
I partially agree with you.

I tried to purchase the C63 first but it wasn't available so I chose the F.

If I wanted a vert the M3 would have been a no brainer over a MB or Z for myself.

However, if you bring a coupe into the conversation I don't think the M3 is actually an option....even though I think it is dead sexy. If 2 doors is an option the Z06, GT R or any number of P cars would be my first choice.
couple of reasons why i would take the m3 over the gtr or z06 or any p cars and I know I would be very happy with this choice. proper rear seats, NA high revving experience, refinement in both look and interior, cheaper, huge aftermarket/mod options, and huge fan base (I found this this as a huge plus as whenever I have issue or looking to improve my m3, there is always something available on the forum).

gtr and z06 will demolish the m3 in performance for sure, but I don't think i can use their full potential on the street. even the e46 m3 is too fast for me on the street and i found myself fighting hard inside to keep it at speed limit. however, I would buy a black c6 z06 as a second car down the road because it is good looking, huge power, fun as a second car. you know how hopeless the z06 is for our crazy winter.

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