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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Come on get real. I did not call YOU a single thing. I know nothing about you except quite a few good posts from you If the shoes fits put it on I guess! All I said was that SOME folks that will pull the trigger quickly (regardless of tranny choice) will be a certain type of person and those folks will piss me off. Cheers.
Swamp. Are you sure the frustration you have is not more about the possibility that the car might not debut with dsg or similar and therefore other less enthusiastic than you (however, still enthusiastic about the car) will be driving around and getting the kudos before you? If so i can understand, but also not everyone who opts for the MT because they do not want to wait is a dork! Each of the trannies have good and bad. MT is pure, more natural whereas dsg is more advanced and quicker.

I think some will buy the M3 and will never track it.