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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Those 'boxes' is what gives the bumper lower structural rigidity, and also play an important aerodynamic role, especially at speed. The middle one directs airflow from the hot radiators below the car. They're not expensive, especially the side ones (about $24, I think), but the middle one is about $140, if I remember correctly. Ask Tischer.

As for not hitting them, you need to approach the driveway sideways. Also remember that's easier to hit those parts going down than up, so exiting your driveway backwards is another option. Good luck.
not sure we're talking about the same "boxes". There isn't a "middle one" because there are only 2 that are covered in the black cloth. They're on the far outer edges behind the front spoiler. The boxes hang down about 3 inches lower than the bumper.

I have approached my driveway sideways - both backwards & forwards. Right now, I have about 1/2" clearance above the driveway surface, but I'd like to add an ARKYM Aerosport front lip.