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Originally Posted by bobbyd1961 View Post
i had a 335xi it was great right up until the time my supposed fuel pump went and the dealer couldnt fix it . 6 times in the shop in 5 weeks. i was done with the turbo and moved to the M3 which is in a different league than the 335 setting aside me sweating every morning when i started the car and the service engine light came on and the car sputtered horribly.
any other questions? oh i was 47 when i got the 335 and 48 when i got the m3.
im still upset over that 335
how about that the recall happened i think 2 days after i wrote this. i wouldnt touch a twin turbo until it is clearly resolved. its more than the fuel pump and there guessing with software upgrade. stay away unless you want to sweat every morning starting your car.