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Originally Posted by Nautik View Post
Definitely surprised by Cain. He really showed how experience, focus, and being mentally unshakable wins in the Octogon. He really showed how great of a fighter he is.

Brock, again, did not respect his opponent and paid for it. I have no idea why he came blasting out of his corner like a viking berserker against a skilled opponent like that. The dude needs to slow it down, control the fight. He, and his corner, should have known better than to try that on a fighter like Cain. Brock was even throwing knees! wtf? Brock shouldn't be doing anything but trying to push Cain to the cage and take him down. And when he does get his opponent down he needs to control him, not trying to jump to side control... I thought he had learned because he came out cautiously against Randy and Shane.

Maybe Brock needs to focus a little more on his gameplan and BJJ instead of lifting weights non-stop. He has a phenomenal BJJ coach, he should use him.
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I never thought of it that way. To be honest, if you're the UFC HW Champion and you've overcome adversity in beating Carwin, I could understand Brock's mentality in charging at Cain for the takedown. Firstly, you do not want to stand with Cain, period. I think Lesnar took Carwin's beat-down as a lesson learnt. Secondly, he's bigger and stronger than Cain so he has a huge advantage. Thirdly, he's on a high. Brock looked really confident coming into this fight and the impression I got from Cain in the lead up to the fight was that he was intimidated and possibly scared. In hindsight I'm sure Brock wishes he respected Cain's skill and talent a lot more, he's well and truly proven himself to be the best in the HW division right now.

I still think Brock is one of the top HW guys and can beat almost anyone in the division based purely on his athletic ability and sheer strength and size. What he has achieved with limited experience and tools in his box is something extraordinary. I see Cain as one of the most complete MMA fighters in the HW division. He's a bit like a GSP and he looks like he's comfortable wherever the fight goes. One thing we haven't seen though is Cain taking some big shots or getting rocked, he's never been on the back foot. Lesnar gave him a few good knees but Cain took them well. Props to Cain, as others have said, the Cain v DJS fight is going to be epic.