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I really don't see the use in such a system. This is tantamount to saying, "You don't have to yourself actually drive car the first/last 15 feet of your trip." Preposterous!!!

Now if they found a feature that let me get out of the car and the car then automatically drove round to find a parking spot and then when I call the car, it comes back to pick me up, that'd be of real value. (Of course, it'd put the valet parking companies out of business...)

Hopefully, going forward, BMW opt to spend their resources on something that is of real value. Think of how much less our cars could cost had BMW used the money spent to develop this stupid geegaw to instead provide any number of things to its customers...say:
- Longer free maintenance periods
- Longer warranty periods
- Lower purchase price or add something(s) more as standard equipment

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