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Originally Posted by WangTa View Post
Thanks. If dealers are paying lower $40Ks for E90 at auction, what is the price to the customer? I have no idea what margin the dealers target?

I'm looking at a loaded '08 E90 with 15K miles - they are asking $48K. Not sure if this is negotiable or not.
Umm not sure Ive bought all my cars from a buddy who goes to auction I attended one in palm beach ( pre auction ). I'm sure it all depends but they deff tack a few k onto the price. I'm also trying to get into a 08 ' either 335 or m3 hopefully M sedan well see what happens but I will keep you posted on the details of the auction.

If you were local to me I'd hook you up if you interested in dealing with transport I can help you out. Not sure what route your wiling to take. But I know auction depends on the day if there are 30 m3's then the price will prob be a little cheaper. The dealers that go look for specifics. So depending you can pick up a great deal.

It's tough to tell what they are going for using kbb, edmunds, and nada I get way different numbers.

But seems like 48 is high. Cali market seems strong from what I hear so could explain, all depends on if you need it next week if it's the exact car u want etc. If your not scared to walk and wait for a diff M throw them an offer and see If they bite. If not walk and look elsewhere. Seems there are great deals if you are willing to wait for it.