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What an awesome card! Diego looked outstanding. I was glad to see Court McGee win (hard to be down on the guy considering what kind of adversity he has come from).

I think Kampman beat himself, what was he doing trying to grapple with that guy and even submit him? I'm sure he is kicking himself for bothering with that when he had a clear advantage when striking with the guy.

Definitely surprised by Cain. He really showed how experience, focus, and being mentally unshakable wins in the Octogon. He really showed how great of a fighter he is.

Brock, again, did not respect his opponent and paid for it. I have no idea why he came blasting out of his corner like a viking berserker against a skilled opponent like that. The dude needs to slow it down, control the fight. He, and his corner, should have known better than to try that on a fighter like Cain. Brock was even throwing knees! wtf? Brock shouldn't be doing anything but trying to push Cain to the cage and take him down. And when he does get his opponent down he needs to control him, not trying to jump to side control... I thought he had learned because he came out cautiously against Randy and Shane.

Maybe Brock needs to focus a little more on his gameplan and BJJ instead of lifting weights non-stop. He has a phenomenal BJJ coach, he should use him.
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