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Originally Posted by dibxna View Post
was referring to only launching in launch control mode the way the manual says. you can launch any way you want if youre not using launch control... figured common sense would take over here but i apologize if it didnt appear that way.
Ok well, I guess I didn't interpret it that way because I didn't notice anyone talking about misusing LC anywhere. The OP seems to know how to use LC just fine, he just wasn't able to adjust the launch speed. Plus, it would be pretty tough to successfully use LC in any other way than the right way, as stated by the manual. There's not really a whole lot you can alter and still have it actually work to begin with.

5. press accelerator down all the way - engine speed is controlled (thus my statement of not shifting on your own)
Yeah, it's true that the car will shift for you at redline, however you are perfectly safe in doing it yourself as well. You just have to remember that once you shift manually, the car will no longer automatically shift for you at redline.

thanks for catching the mistakes for me mkoesel - not really an area you want to goof up or it could lead to problems for the car.
No problem, hopefully I didn't come like a d**k, I was just trying to keep the thread on track.

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