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Originally Posted by Mr.Bimmer View Post
Thank you Sameh.

Last night I was trying D5+MDM+sport plus. I was definitely getting a bog off the line. I think the commit to throttle pushing is the key to where I need to improve my off the line launch. I tried 2 methods in these settings, one was just mashing the pedal off the line like I mentioned in an earlier post but that just loads the rpm's rather high and creates a wild launch control launch with not much accuracy or traction in the launch. And the 2nd method I was easing into the throttle as I accelearted off. When you launch, are you committing 50% throttle right from the beginning(stand still) and then easing into the remaining 50% as the car accelerates? I was trying that but i was getting a bog.

This weekend I'm going to be at California Speedway. The first 60ft. is what I need to refine. If I can get a 1.9X 60ft. in this car come this Sat, I think I'll have some nice 12 sec E.T's.
how much pushing and how fast is where you'll need the repeated attempts to perfect it. I can tell you though that it's NOT mashing the pedal and is not slow pushing. it's somewhere in between. and yes the first 30-50% of the throttle is somewhat fast so the car understands what you're trying to do (you know what I mean) but followed by persistant slower throttle application so you don't confuse the car thinking that you changed your mind (does this make it easier?) if you felt a little bog, it's ok push through it and the tire will "mini spin" and off you go. the small bogging is basically the little bit of the DSC that the MDM mode has built-in trying to limit power to tires that's why the throttle commitment is important so the MDM releases the power to tires and cause the mini spin. by doing this repeatdly, your foot will know when the bog is coming and you'll apply more throttle earlier for a smoother take off. we can talk all day long but practice makes it more natural to your foot. hope that's making sense to you.
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