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Originally Posted by dibxna View Post
in all reality you really should only launch it the way the manual says.
That's preposterous. You can launch the car in anyway that gives you the desired results. Simply flooring (or feathering it) it from a stop is perfectly acceptable. It's not going cause any more wear on the car than doing an LC launch will - probably less so, in fact. Of course you don't want to go doing dozens of launches in a row, but that applies to any car.

turn off DSC - hold the right paddle in until you see the flag... floor it (while still holding the right paddle) then release the right paddle and let the car do the work.
You neglected to mention the car must be in S6 mode. Also, since when does the LC work via the paddle? Unless there has been a software revision of some kind that I don't know about, only the stick can be used to do a launch.

you should not be shifting on your own.
Why would that be? There is no reason you cannot shift on your own if you want. Heck, almost no one is going to have the opportunity to run through all seven gears in LC mode. There's no reason you cannot shift to a higher gear before you let off the throttle.
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