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Originally Posted by sameh View Post
I have been expermenting with this for the past 11000 miles. me too wanted a clean but super quick get away from a stand still. here is what I finally found to be the best.
MDM provides more libral power to rear tires than DSC so you don't get the chacking start but it also prevents excessive spinning. the key is, when you apply the throttle you have to commit to it. if your foot hesistated the car will bog, so just start and keep pushing through the initial bogging. it'll take you several attempts to get it good but again:
D5+MDM+sport plus+commit to throttle pushing through any bogging= quick, no spin, no prerevving launch. this is not the fastest you can get out of your M3 but it is the best you can do from a traffic light.
Thank you Sameh.

Last night I was trying D5+MDM+sport plus. I was definitely getting a bog off the line. I think the commit to throttle pushing is the key to where I need to improve my off the line launch. I tried 2 methods in these settings, one was just mashing the pedal off the line like I mentioned in an earlier post but that just loads the rpm's rather high and creates a wild launch control launch with not much accuracy or traction in the launch. And the 2nd method I was easing into the throttle as I accelearted off. When you launch, are you committing 50% throttle right from the beginning(stand still) and then easing into the remaining 50% as the car accelerates? I was trying that but i was getting a bog.

This weekend I'm going to be at California Speedway. The first 60ft. is what I need to refine. If I can get a 1.9X 60ft. in this car come this Sat, I think I'll have some nice 12 sec E.T's.