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Originally Posted by Mr.Bimmer View Post
I need to learn to how launch this car as best as I can off the line with street tires. I understand this is not a drag car

In drive mode (D5) when I go to mash the pedal right off the line, the car does it's version of a launch control. The rev's shoot up instantaneously near the redline, and then the car begins take-off, spining like crazy. No good there, don't like that.

Then I tried rolling into the gas pedal in D5. This of course did not produce what happened above, but the car just bogs bad launching this way. It's nice in the sense it's a clean launch with no spin from the tires, but it's just really sluggish taking off. Doesn't have any gusto.

Both of those methods are with DSC turned off.

Then I turned to launch control. Flag comes up, I pull the lever on the left side of my steering wheel (beneath the blinker lever) so I can launch at a lower rpm rather than the default of 5,500 rpm's or so. When I pull the lever in (towards me) nothing happens, atleast I didn't notice anything. I tried it earlier tonight and the car launched but tons and tons of spin. Am I doing something wrong in trying to adjust the rpm's for launch control?

What do you guys find is the best method to take off from a stand still?
Try it with the "M Dynamic Mode" set, DSC off will promote spin.

If you hammer it from a stand still, the revs will shoot up to 4000, then the clutch will let out. There will be some spin/hop, but better than with DSC off. If you're quick, you can cut back the throttle some just before the clutch lets out lets out the get it closer to perfect. This kind of simulates having a manal tranny and good feet.

This has been referred to elsewhere as the "poor man's launch"