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Originally Posted by 01'325rip View Post
It seems like everyone ends up trading in the 335.

Are the m cars made in a diff factory?

I was always under the impression that the suspension, engine, breaks were diff but that's it.

is the leather a higher quality do the m cars get a diff treatment overall ?
Most of the car is made in a different factory, if I recall correctly. Also, less than 30% of the parts from the 3-series are shared with the M. The only panels that are the same on the exterior are the doors, windows and trunk (except for the lip spoiler on the M). mechanically, it's a completely different drivetrain. engine, transmission, differential (M has the limited slip!), suspension, brakes, wheels, etc. are all different.

also, in addition to having MUCH better seats, the leather is a lot nicer. the M's novillo leather is a lot softer and smoother than the nappa leather found in the 3-series.

you have to drive each to fully understand.