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Originally Posted by MikeG_C63_AMG View Post
Since this is my first AMG (again former E46 M3 owner) after reading through the MB forums I discovered how most guys were setting the trans for these "high speed Mexico" encounters. Again, if you just mash the pedal in sport mode you will have to wait for the trans to down shift to a low gear (not necessarily the lowest and most ideal) especially when your ready to run.

From my previous po,st placing the car in sport mode then downshifting to the lowest gear possible is the best scenario to launch these cars.
Yes I got that. You mentioned that in your original post.

As I was saying, the shifting sensations from my test drive of the C63 gives a sporty feeling like none other ATs. I like it.

I'm not refuting what you said about the need to downshift first rather than relying on kickdown function.
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