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Originally Posted by MikeG_C63_AMG View Post
Shocking...I ran a DCT M3 when my car was stock 3 times. All 3 runs resulted 2 CL advantage for the C63 from 35 MPH rolls till 135 MPH. If on par means runs closer then the 6MT I agree. But to say it runs equal to it is simply not true.
Originally Posted by MikeG_C63_AMG View Post
Thanks for your response. If you read my posts in this thread maybe you wont react like you did. If I was calling you a liar I would have no issues doing so. Come on now.
If you had worded your post differently and just stated that your experience against an M3 DCT resulted in a different result to my experience with the C63 i would have had no problem at all - different cars, conditions and drivers are all factors but by starting your post in reponse to mine with the word 'shocking' and by saying ' to say it runs equal is simply not true' is however you look at it saying that i am (a). Wrong (b). Making the story up which is not the case. You all but called me a liar.
As a caveat my run against the C63 was on the autobahn upto 170mph (VMAX as stated ) from around 80mph or so. The M3 is in its element at these higher speeds so this could have been a factor as well. To assume that your 35mph - 135mph run is definative and to dismiss everyone elses experience is naive - these cars are very close (in a straight line) and different scenarios, cars and drivers will inevitably give different results.
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