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Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
Yeah i see what your saying with the whole "sport" mode - I have a ML63 and I experience this SAME thing - the lag time is RIDICULOUS (you touch the paddle at 5k and it shifts at 7 LOL). And there really is a drastic difference between sport and comfort, despite many people'es preconcieved notion that its relatively the same.

Me and the 135 did a couple runs that night, and yeah (correction on my part) that video probably stopped at around 110 or so but in others (I have on my computer, have yet to upload) we went up to 130.

Coming from a fully-modded 335 Ive RAPED S65 M3's (badly), which is why I was VERY surprised when I was able to hang. Ive really started thinking my car is a factory freak, I have no reason to lie about the C63 encounter (hes my boy, and I know he was in sport etc...) - who knows, but from my experience at least MY m3 dct has been dead even with a stock C63.

This makes me want to run another stock m3dct or m3 6MT...
Even though it's just an automatic there is a few tricks like I mentioned when you have these close encounters in Mexico.

I'm not accusing you of being a lair, however as you know the internet is full on inconsistency. For instance our stories are completely different. Oh well.

My car no longer stock and is now modified, so with that I have entered a totally different argument. I think any stock VS modded argument is completely ridiculous regardless the brand. Also since this isn't So Cal I think the chances of me coming across a SC E9X M3 are rather slim to none.
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