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Originally Posted by MikeG_C63_AMG View Post
Well to each his own obviously our stories are different. Would be interesting to know how the driver of the C63 was setting up for the runs. If you simply put the trans in "sport" mode and mash the gas you will fall behind as you lose time for the car to down shift. Also this method doesn't give you the most aggressive gear. Meaning you will be going from gear 7 to gear 4 instead of 3rd or 2nd. When I do any runs I place the car in sport mode and manually down shift to the lowest gear possible usually 2nd gear around 5K RPM. That way when you hit the throttle the car launches forward and shift right into 3rd gear at red line with no lag. Shifting in manual mode would be a disaster because of the lag in shift time as the 7G tranny in no way could shift like the DCT.
I thought the autobox on the C63 was pretty well set up. I test drove a friend's C63 at the skidpan and the shifts gives a sporty feeling.

Unlike the normal sedate ATs, in the C63, every upshifts you can feel this power surge which some people dislike, but I actually thought pretty much replicates the DCT S6 sensation.
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