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Originally Posted by MikeG_C63_AMG View Post
Shocking...I ran a DCT M3 when my car was stock 3 times. All 3 runs resulted 2 CL advantage for the C63 from 35 MPH rolls till 135 MPH. If on par means runs closer then the 6MT I agree. But to say it runs equal to it is simply not true.
From experience I beg to differ - ran a 2009 C63 AMG (im a 2011 e92 m3 DCT zcp) from a 30-150 and from 50-150 and both times we were dead even. From the 50 roll I jumped out a 1/2 car (I started in 2nd gear at around 6000 rpm-ish) then he wound up reeling me in and when we let off we were dead even. From the 30 he immediately pulled a 1/2 car and I reeled him in slowly and we wound up even.

somewhat like this race :

(yet again, my car could be a freak because I keep up with heavily modded N54's that "should" trounce on M3's) Heres a video of me vs a fully modded 135:
(essentially even from a 50-130)