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Originally Posted by elmariachi View Post
Good summary. To be very honest, I think alot of guys out there who have listened to their cars feel something is wrong because there is a certain kinda of noise. The S65 is not a quiet engine by any means.

Having said that, I will post a tips of how it sounds like. From here, you will have a guesstimate if you are affected by this main bearing saga. This was taken off a post by a forummer called "kouhii" who had an 09 and had main bearing failure.

Check to see if you have this.
-Car only ticks when engine is warm (170F or higher oil temp)
-Ticking frequency changes with engine speed
-You can hear it tick faster between 1.5k and 3k rpm
-You can hear it while in highest gear (6th or 7th) and driving at 25mph on a quiet road

If these are your symptoms check the main bearings.

Here's some videoes too. Last video is clearest in terms of how it should sound like. Yikes!

Hope this comes as some form of guidance to those who wants to cross check if they are having main bearing issues. Its hard to identify these noises if you hardly drive with your windows down. I am pretty sensitive on how my car should sound and feel. So to others, this might sound normal but its not.

Have a good day lads...

In the third video, are you referring to the creaking/cracking sound that you hear intermittently, or to the engine tone? Because the engine itself sounds normal and just like mine, which I hope isn't a bad thing!