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Did some adjustments to the crossover on the passenger side:

S1: A (3200)
S2: 3 (notch on)
S3: 4 (reference soft)
S4: -8 (tweeter polarity in phase)
S5: +7 (tweeter polarity in phase)

S1: A (3200)
S2: 2 (notch off)
S3: 3 (middle optimum)
S4: -8 (tweeter polarity in phase)
S5: +7 (tweeter polarity in phase)

After reading the user manual for the Rainbows, they mention the optimal sound can be achieved by setting "reference soft" on the driver's side and "middle optimum" on the passenger side - to achieve non-fatiguing sound given that one side is much closer to the driver's ear.

So far so good - switching balance left to right I definitely notice the driver's side being softer and the passenger side brighter. I'll keep it this way for 1 week and if it all sounds good, I might do the same changes to the driver's side as well.

Several other observations:
- USB memory stick sounds a LOT better than iPod, even with the iPod EQ set to flat. iPod sounds lifeless by comparison. (All on the same songs, and iPod was loaded up from the same 320kbps MP3 source songs).
- There's a slight hiss when I set the key on "accessory on" position and headunit off. Doesn't bother me.
- There's a slight pop when turning the headunit on. I am a bit concerned about this one.

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