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Originally Posted by ski360 View Post
I Know and I agree with you. The funny part is he believes that bill was really designed to make GW pull out.

Dr. Can you really tell me that is true. Bush said it best him self "political theater" thats all it is. First off one wants us there, but we can't leave and anyone that has a rational thought in their head can figure that one out. To attach a time line to Iraq, is to just tell half the country to dig their own graves. Second if that Bill wasn't bought and paid for please explain what the 20 billion in domestic spending was intended for.

Pelosi is a nut job. All I'm saying is she has no business trolling the world talking on behalf of the American people thats not what she was elected for.
yep, agree...only, and ONLY the current admin is right and all they have ever done is justified and correct...
That is why they swept the senate and the house...people love their ideas... But I guess, I'm the only "illusional" one...

See ya in 20 years...(let me see how to say that in Chinese...or Indian...)