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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
The 3er Gran Turismo will follow the same philosophy of it's 5er GT brother.
To which if you compare the 5er GT to the 5er sedan there are only a few areas in which they share - being the door mirrors , indicator unit on the front wheel arch and door handles. The 5er GT is not just a fastback variant of the sedan. In design it stands alone in appearance and and purpose, although the DNA is apparent with it's 5er kinship.

And 3er GT follows exactly the same formula , customers did not want simply another variant. It had to be a completely different car to which it is even though underneath is heavily shared.

BMW invested heavily in developing new modular architecture for the 1er and 3er , because future projections show that the Citycar , Compact and Premium Entry segments are targeted for future growth.
Thus the decision was made to invest in developing the new modular architecture so that additional variants could be produced cost effectively within one set platform. The new modular structure can be shortened , lengthened , to accommodate a huge range of models which BMW are investigating for production.
Thanks for the reply Scott. This is the strength I want BMW GMBH To play on. They have made such a large commitment and investment to build modular platforms then why eliminate a model from the line up? Of course I am sure there has to be a study based on the past sales of the E90 M3 but then take into account the new modular platforms and the reduced overall total cost to build the 4dr M3 and see if the projected sales will cover the cost. If so then I am unsure why they would eliminate it.


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