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Originally Posted by ski360 View Post
I love the fact that Nancy Pelosi thinks she can just travel to Syria and try and undermine foreign policy. Where will she head next? North Korea, or maybe she'll sit down with the Ayatollah Khamenei and talk shop. Wait and see these kind of stunts are going to come back and bite us.
To answer your question, the message the Speaker's trip sends to our enemies is that we are divided. The only way our enemies can defeat us is if we let them by giving up. They know this and they do whatever they can to influence public opinion in the US.

Syria does not want what we want in Iraq. Syria does not want what we want in Lebanon. Speaker Pelosi is not a diplomat, nor is she representing the government of the US but our enemies will not see it that way. They will see a high-ranking US official kowtowing to a dictator.

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