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Originally Posted by ski360 View Post
With Syria? Come on now, They are a known state sponsor of terrorism. All she wants to do is to continue to undermined the current administration, and while I could careless if she has no respect for GW at least have respect for the office. She doesn't speak for the US on foreign policy and all she wants to do is continue be a pain in the ass. If this is how congress is going to spend their spring break then why do they even have one? They're elected officials, and instead of parading around they should try and figure out a reasonable bill that the president will sign. But she decided to take a tax payer funded vacation to Syria.
Yep, and SH was known to have piles of WMD...
I'd much rather have the bum off the street speak for our foreign policy than the empty headed warrior in the WH...

I thought that Iran was one of 3 "axis of evil", but then Bush's admin proposed to tal to them on Iraq issue... What the current admin actually wants???? Doo they know? Do YOU know?

Reasonable bill???
The whole country (at least the majority), the whole world wants us out of Iraq, and the Congress wanted that to be "signed", and we've seen what happened.

Our Gov't system is not going to work until they realize that we're one country, NOT two parties, and that they should work for US, not for their parties. We need an UNITER in the WH, not the divider that already have...

We definitely need a FRESH (and smart) start, otherwise...
Otherwise this will drag forever -- fear, threat, terror activity against us, tecnology, infrastructure and other stuff simply stagnant. I mentioned many times that 15 years ago (when I first started traveling to Asia), the US was way ahead of (most) of them with the infrastructure, transportation, cellular infrastructure...everything. Now, we're way, way, way behind. The reason is that in the past 6 years we've done nothing -- just a huge division and terror talks...