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The big difference between the 5 series GT and a potential M3 GT is that the M3 will be billed as a performance car whereas the 5 series GT has not been marketed as such, at least in comparison to the regular 5 series. I think the M3 market segment would not necessarily be looking for greater practicality as evidenced by the disappointing E90 M3 sales. As a parent with 3 kids, I'd been waiting years for BMW to make another M3 sedan, but I would not buy a GT. I just don't think the logic follows from a sales standpoint that since the more "practical" version is not selling well now, then buyers would go for an even more "practical" version, crossover popularity or not. Plus, there will probably be a significant difference in performance compared to coupe version due to the extra weight and size. Maybe a GTis, but not a M3 GT.