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Scott, are you saying that an M3 GT is a good possbility, then? What about an M5 GT as well?
I would say an M3 GT is a better possibility because of how they have adapted the concept to be sleeker and more sportier than the 5er GT.
5er GT is an alternative to alternatives, it has a strict client base and has what we have found out brought first time BMW Customers to the brand in which many are from design and culture based backgrounds.
Adding a 5er GT might just over saturate the choices in which M5 , M6 and their variants and not forgetting the X-M's.

The M3 sedan came about due to the increase of the M5 and how it opened up the market for the E90 M3 Sedan , it all depends on where the M5 is positioned and whether this justifies a replacement for the sedan.

Also, given those artist renderings, it seems to me that the 3 Series GT will end up looking a lot more like a 3 series sedan, but with a hatchback added (and a longer wheelbase, as you had mentioned before). This is a very good thing - much preferred over the rather upright and oddly polarizing looks of the current 5 Series GT.
Yes, the 3er GT follows the same form that it looks like a 3er but adds some more elegance to the concept. For example the 3er character line runs diagionally along the car starting shallow at the rear taillight and widening by the time it reaches the front wheel arch. 3er GT uses a high characterline which completely wraps around the car stopping for a slight pause at the front wheelarches but with this wrap around design feature it allows headlights and taillights to sit underneath making them more sleeker and dynamic. The 3erLi which is exclusively for the Chinese market donates its structure allowing BMW to increase the space whilst keeping regular 3er proportions.

5er GT and 3er GT are aimed at two seperate groups of customers , with the 3er we are translating style , elegance and purpose but also with serious driving dynamics.

All of this though, is secondary to what we really want - a 3 series Gran Coupe, and of course an M version to got with it. How are the prospects on these?
Well the next 3er Coupe follows the initial idea laid out with the design of the E92 in which we took the car away from it's sedan origins.
The new 3er Coupe uses the same idea.
The look will be familiar but there is a hint of 6 in the profile especially how the car sits , it will be very premium looking , headlights , like todays car , utilising the same shape but more angular and pushed in towards the body. The 3er like the 6er will be using the indicators underneath the headlights like the 6, surrounded by a wide grille.

The Cabrio retains the folding hardtop due to the huge popularity of the car , especially in markets like Europe , The US and in the past couple of years China. The Cabrio is a huge seller there , especially popular amongst young females.

But the 3er Coupe does look good with "two extra doors" just like the Gran Coupe 6er and is on the shelf for BMW's strategy for investigating the expansion of the Premium Entry segment?
So watch this space.
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