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Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
i'm sure they will loose a lot of their fan base if they went to a M3 GT
Did they lose a lot of fan base with the X5M and X6M? a lot of people said they are pointless, but no one stopped liking BMW M division because of it.

But remember all car companies are businesses and they look at every decision that way, the M3 sedan doesn't sell all that well, but they are having good success with the X6 and 5 GT, they probably don't want a M3 Sedan and GT, so figure just offer the GT. I think anyone buying the sedan will easily switch to the GT, and if you want a coupe why do you care?

And for everyone saying the X6 and 5 GT have failed, based on what??? because you don't see as many of them as you do normal 5 series or 3 series? so have the 7 series and 6 series failed as well? BMW considers both of these a success because they went into production with estimated sales are are passing those numbers, they are making money which means they have not failed.