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stop hating

seriously guys, not all of us can get a coupe but still want a high performance car! I have 2 toddlers and for the next 15 years or so will be rocking a 4 door something even with a SUV as a second car. If BMW only made a coupe I would have to stick with Mercedes or go to Audi, so if they do discontinue the sedan I really hope the GT makes it to the US in M form. If it does look like the rendered photos I would buy one for sure! I don't want a wagon, I want a sedan but will take something in between.

And no getting an X3M over a M3 GT is not a good choice, car will not handle the same or be as fast since it will have a ton more weight, and I doubt the X3M will have the same power as the next M3, it will be more like what they are going to do with the new M5 and M6 (555 HP and around 600HP). My guess is the new M3 will be 450 HP and they will tune the X3M to around 400HP.

Heck I might be sporting a X3M and M3 GT if my wife is cool with it