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Originally Posted by Marven View Post
I wonder why so far none of the BMW enthusiests (sp) dont own a BMW watch ?? I would get one..
Are they just not great quality?

I own one of these and I love it. I'm not really into watches much so I'm unsure of the quality, the manufactuer is Torneau (sp?), so I'm sure some of the real experts can asses the quality associated with them. That one retails for about 300 bucks, whereas many of the watches people are discussing here are magnitudes more expensive than that.

As far as being cheesy, . The BMW logo is subtle enough that you really only notice it if you look really closely (there is a larger print on the clasp, and a roundel etched into the back which noone will ever see ), I would consider a BMW watch cheesy if the entire face was a blue and white roundel or something you could see the brand association from 10 feet away or more.

Although I guess I can get away with alot of BMW swag since I'm gainfully employed by them. I like it because it reminds me that I'm still representing the company everywhere I go when i'm out of my E90 or away from work, even though 99% of the people that i will come in contact with won't even realize it's a BMW watch. THe only people who notice are people who I tell, or people who are really into watches.