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Originally Posted by adc View Post
The processors seem like a good way to cure a number of problems, but my budget doesn't extend that far. Ans I've never used sophisticated audio analysis tools before, I wouldn't know what to do.

That said, do you think it would be worth paying an audio shop to do a little tweaking of my existing system?
Possibly, but have a listen to work they've already done to make sure they can deliver what you want.

And you don't need anything but your ears for any of the processors I mentioned. Some guidance from those of us that are experienced helps as well but figuring it out for yourself is far more valuable and beneficial.

Example, the Bit One is nothing but crossovers, eq, polarity, and time delay. You've already done most of these things yourself. Don't let the technology intimidate you. The DSP-6 has a parametric eq so it's a bit more advanced and requires a bit more knowledge, but it's not bad. The MS-8 is as easy as it gets. It does everything for you! You just adjust the volume and turn your head with some headphones on. It's great.