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Originally Posted by M3Pilot09 View Post
I was told that they dropped the subframe, removed the oilpan and retourqed the bolts to different specs than when the car was built. The shop foreman could not tell me if they made them tighter or looser. It was a very long process and the SA said it was a lot of work. Dropping it off in the morning so they can try and guess whats wrong and how to fix it. There is a problem for sure on the 2011's in my opinion. I have read about 6 other people alone on this board who have experienced the same issue. I will give an update when I hear something.
First off I feel bad for you, no bigger nightmare than not being able to get your new 70K car fixed. IMO every time they tear into the engine it is just more of a possibility of screwing something else up. I'm surprised they just dont replace the engine at this point instead of farting around with the bottom end on a new 70K car.

I have a random clicking like I posted in my video, but thats nothing like yours has, they do come from the same area but 90% if all engine noises in cars come from the wheelwells it seems, its the least shrouded place. I dont hear it all when I'm driving, window down next to a wall or cars, I know exactly what you are talking about there, have heard it many times on other cars. I did hear it again idling for 10 minutes at a drive through yesterday but by the time I went back home it was gone.

Do you have a manual trans, ever do a 'money shift' by mistake?

I have read on other forums where people had valve spring and VANOS problems as well that made similar noises to yours. Although it sounds like its coming from the lower end you can never be too sure where noises are coming from. Lot of stuff hung off the front of the crank on these turning around also. I'm sure oil pressure is the first thing they would look at.

As far as the thick oil that really depends on engine clearances, size of the galleys and the pumps ability to handle it. Cold starts could be a killer if the TWS thickens up enough but what about people who's car never started below 50 degrees. I cant say how many times mine was started below 50* since July of 2010 when it was made, but I bet it wasnt a lot with 4 miles on it when I picked it up.

I'm still thinking there are two different issues in this thread. Does anyone from BMW NA look through this forum or does anyone know someone that can forward this thread to a real engineer at BMW? Stuff like this on popular forums can hurt sales and usually they have someone browsing around looking for it. I still havent come across a real explanation about the 'bad' main bearings in '08. Just a lot of forum posts and speculation, anyone have the actual service bulletin or official explanation from BMW?

Here is a nice pic of the all the parts in the engine, a lot of them can make noise when its running. Not an easy thing to guess at..