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Thanks MudPhud for the details. I live in Bethesda so next time I cross the Bay Bridge I'll try to swing by and admire your work, if you don't mind.

My current settings are:
S1: A (3200)
S2: 3 (notch on)
S3: 4 (reference soft)
S4: -8 (tweeter polarity in phase)
S5: +7 (tweeter polarity in phase)

I, like you think the highs are a bit muted - in the sense I'm not getting the "really high" highs. I was thinking of changing to the following:
S1: B (3800)
S2: 3 (notch on)
S3: 3 (middle optimum)
S4: -8 (tweeter polarity in phase)
S5: +7 (tweeter polarity in phase)

I think I'll try changing the front passenger side first and listen to that for awhile, make sure it doesn't become fatiguing.

I don't particularly like my current rears (Infinity 4032cf 4" coaxials) except their tone seems to be close to the Rainbows and they are clean - used only for fill right now. After reading your post, I might be inclined to install a set of 5.25" Rainbow coaxials in the rear deck - but I'm still not sure I want to permanently alter the rear deck. Decisions, decisions...

My current amp settings are: fronts hi-passed at 110-120Hz, rears at 130Hz and sub at 100Hz. I'd like to make the front Rainbows work harder at low frequencies, as they have a pleasant low end which seems to work well at low listening volumes - but it falls apart when I crank it up a little more.

I'm beginning to think about running an equalizer...

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