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RENN-Spec | Ethan's Z4M Coupe build-up

Our customer Ethan recently acquired Z4MC and as any new owner he did not waste any time to put his own style/touch on a fresh "blank canvas", he drove the car down from Washington and we quickly went to work on his car.

Ethan wanted a car that was simple/clean yet had a touch of aggressiveness to it. He also didn't want to only focus the appearance since he is a track guy at heart. He wanted the car to have the performance to back it up, with that said we quickly contacted all of the vendors to start the build up.

We had ESS and had them send over their VT1-445 SC kit. They're the leader in FI for our cars, they have the absolute best tuning... there are no idle problems nor do you have to deal with any type of annoying SES/CEL light. To free up the exhaust flow and get that aggressive exhaust note we knew that the RPi exhaust would be the perfect choice.

To get the car off the line faster we contacted Dan@Diffsonline and had him send over a freshly rebuilt diff with 3.91 Motorsport gears. We installed a set of GC camber plates to get more camber adjustment for track use and to get the more aggressive wheels to fit in those narrow front fenders.

We chose Advan RS-D's because its the best of both worlds! They are a very good looking wheel and they're also lightweight, we had them wrapped in a Michelin PSC's so that we can put every ounce of power to the ground. To wrap up the performance aspect of the vehicle we had Brembo send us over a monobloc brake upgrade to slow down this beast.

The only modification we did that was for aesthetics is the APR splitter. Ethan plans to get a full race splitter from us when he commits this car to track use and sells his current track car.

Final mod list:
ESS VT1-445
Brembo Monobloc 6-Piston
3.91 Motorsport Differential from Diffsonline
RPi Race Mufflers
Advan RSD + Michelin Pilot Sport Cups
KW Variant 2
Ground Control Camber plates
APR Splitter

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